Re-imagining piano
where live arts merge

The interdisciplinary performance with live piano, live dance and live visuals and dance movies premiered in Italy with great success after a few try outs in London (Bloomsbury Festival 2012, Royal Academy of Music Festival 2016). Under the umbrella name ‘Re-imagining piano’ we have collaborated with several pianists and visual artists in order to create a new form of experiencing a ‘concert’. Re-imagining piano was designed for an audience which wants to experience classical music in a different setting. The multilayered performance around the impressionistic music of Ravel, Debussy and Sibelius invites the audience to daydream, to get to taste, to see and to feel the music.
Following no story, but the messages of the musical pieces, we create the evening as a ‘Gesamtkunstwerk’. The music plays a huge role when making the visuals and dance material: to combine our everyday life with particles, dream states, and symbolism were the focus during the make off. Even though different parts of the performance can be enjoyed individually, the evening is composed of a bow of events, which let the mind wander off.

Rehearsal video of ‘Ondine’ by Ravel, inspired by Mats Eck


Dance of the beautiful maiden with Belle Chen and Anastasia Kostner