‘Into another Body’ deals with the (digital) representation of a dancer and the dance movement. It investigates the connection between live dance, it’s digital representation and video projection. With (digital) representation comes the question of identity. Do we recognize ourselves in the representation? How does the movement look translated to water or smoke? Do we still recognize our action if it is represented in a few moving dots? In our piece the dance movement travels back and forth from projection to dancer and is embodied in many different forms.

To enable an instant interaction between dancer and projection we work with live video capture, processing it into images, and live music.

In dance, creating a sequence is a fundamental part of choreography. In ‘Into another body’ we investigate the dance sequence (in a digital form). Digital projection opens up possibilities for choreography in the realm of: repetition, time shift and multiplication. This shines new light on the choreographic practice and brings a new perspective on the dance material. The multi-perspectives on dance show the way to multiple interpretations of the movement.

‘Into another body’ is the first performance and installation of ‘Animu’ dance company, which researches dance and technology, and was invited to be part of the Italian platform Anticorpi XL.

Idea and concept: Animu Dance Company
Dance and choreography: Anastasia Kostner
Video and software: Maarten van der Glas
Music: Jerke van den Braak, Bas Gebbing, Rutger Muller
With the support of: Institut de Cultura Ladina